Mission, Vision & Values



Tech-Link is committed to lead the Industrial Property Development industry from consultancy to commission through an innovative and holistic suite of solutions derived from our domain expertise in automation and storage solutions.


To be a key influencer within the Built-to-Suit and Industrial Property Development industry, providing an innovative end-to-end suite of solutions that include consultancy, distribution, materials handling, storage systems and automation equipment implementation.

To be passionate about providing true value through excellent products, personalised service and mentorship to customers in custom implementing their distribution and logistics models, sharing trusted advice and local knowledge.

To provide a platform that enables employees to embark on a career that supports life-long learning, work-life balance and a family friendly environment.


Our passion in the business defines our identity in the market. Our goal to be the best in this industry drives us towards excellence.

We built our reliability on 4 key tenets, namely, on-time delivery, safety conscious workforce, on-time completion and cost competitiveness.

We believe in marrying practical solutions to the need to think out of the box. We endeavour to challenge traditional boundaries by seeking fresh perspective and create not just innovative solutions but also cost competitive ones.

Value Creation
We are committed to understand our customers and their needs to provide and recommend the best solution. We believe in value-adding with our advice and expertise in every stage of project and building long-term partnerships.

We hold our professionalism with the highest regard and integrity. We are clear and precise in our communication and transparent in our methods to deliver the best quality.