Tech-Link Storage Engineering distinguishes itself as a design-in integrator of total storage solutions, from design of storage systems to building industrial properties with logistics automation. We develop customer-centric solutions that enhance productivity and streamline processes to optimise warehouse space.

At Tech-Link, we use the latest design software, hardware and specialised engineering software to ensure materials handling system down time is minimised. We work with highly trained and skilled consultants, engineers, specialist designers, project managers and installers to ensure projects are assembled to the highest standards and complete on-time..



We work closely with our customers to identify requirements and provide valuable and practical advice. From understanding operations, identifying challenges, to planning and conceptualisation of storage systems, we endeavour to achieve customers’ goals with value creation in mind.


Our team analyse and customise solutions to fit the customers’ storage and logistics requirements. We combine our expertise in analysing building, design, mechanical and electrical requirements to ensure optimum operational flow of logistics facility. Whether it is a simple or complex project, our engineers are instrumental in engineering customised solutions for a variety of settings to optimise supply chain efficiency.


Project Management

Tech-Link is familiar with and adheres to all relevant occupational health and safety and environmental legislation, codes of practice, manufacturer’s and supplier’s specifications. Our competency in controlling the entire process of projects from inception to completion is paramount to our success. We manage key project phases such as resource management, monitoring schedules and fiscal discipline.

Tech-Link Factory - At work

Production and Installation

Tech-Link is committed to responding to enquiries and feedback before or after project completion. Our focus on service delivery and support is essential to timely coordination of operations, equipment and products. We conduct tests, inspections and addition and alteration works to existing structures to enhance the supply chain environment. We also diagnose and troubleshoot on areas for improvement and satisfaction.

After Sales Service

Tech-Link’s storage racking and shelving systems’ components are manufactured under stringent specifications and internationally recognised standards. Parts are independently tested and certified to ensure structural integrity and safety. production processes are carried out at our state-of-the-art factory in Taicang, China for on-site assembly of structures and systems.