Being end-to-end systems integrator, Tech-Link Storage Engineering and our subsidiaries work in close consultation with partners to provide comprehensive solutions for improving customers’ supply chain efficiency and productivity. Our suite of solutions includes products that are integral to the success of logistics management.



A dedicated team of professionals with over two decades of designing and manufacturing the best possible loading dock products from Nordock in Canada, North America.

Tech-Link understands that proper material handling and storage is important for any facility operator. The efficient flow of material through a storage facility starts and ends at the loading bay. For the efficiency, safety and security of loading dock area, we provide the platform for determining the design, planning and selection of loading dock equipment. We develop solutions to equip the loading area with optimal access for seamless loading, unloading and cross-docking activities.

At Tech-Link, we identify dock levellers of the best fit for optimal bridging of gaps to minimise space differences between the dock and vehicle bed. Our loading dock systems are customised to suit diverse requirements, prevent unscheduled movements and protect cargos from external pollutants to help customers save energy costs.

  • Dock Levellers
  • Vehicle Restraints
  • Lifts and Dock Equipment
  • Dock Seals and Shelters
  • Dock Accessories

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The Compact overhead folding door is developed and produced by Rolflex Nederland BV in the Netherlands and has been shipped worldwide to customers from a variety of sectors.

Tech-Link believes in creating value to deliver the benefits of products that optimise space and enhance operational efficiency at facilities. Our complete loading dock systems integrate the distinctive technology of entrances for safe and secure access of delivery or commercial vehicles.

The Compact door needs little maintenance and is easy to operate. Its special rail system works without torsion springs and does not need to be suspended from the ceiling. The Compact door is also different from normal roller or sectional doors. Its high speed folding system frees up valuable space for operating equipment and services and can be fitted in a wide range of locations. Like standard sectional doors, the Compact overhead folding door combines the advantages of roll and sectional doors into one unique door. Available in a variety of designs, in any colour, with glazing, wicket door or side door.

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The UV-Disinfection-Robot is an autonomous disinfection robot developed by Danish robotics company, Blue Ocean Robotics.

Available through Tech-Link Healthcare Systems, the UV-Disinfection-Robot combines an automated guided vehicle (AGV) platform and ultraviolet light (UV-C) to disinfect areas such as patient rooms in hospitals. It is also designed for production lines and pharmaceutical companies to be used primarily in the cleaning cycle with the aim of reducing spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria and harmful organic materials. The mobile and flexible disinfection tool drives autonomously to infectious hotspots and targets a pre-defined area to destroy germs on all exposed surfaces. With an exposure time of ten minutes, the robot emits concentrated UV-C light to destroy up to 99% of bacteria such as Clostridium Difficile and reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).

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