Tech-Link build up its core competency from years of serving our customers in supply chain management initiatives. From receiving of goods, storage, picking, sorting, QC, consolidation and packing to software interface, we play an integral part from design-in to systems integration and commissioning in addition to the supply and installation of the equipment. Our technical crew will be on hand to train and ensure a seamless handover to our customers.


Tech-Link’s solutions for automated storage and order fulfilment systems aim to reduce errors associated with manual systems.

We analyse our customers’ product data, process management and order fulfilment criteria through consultation meetings.  During such exchanges, we assess inherent “pain points” experienced by them. We also identify and dichotomise various erroneous zones and bottlenecks to better understand their challenges.

In our solution design, we introduce innovative technologies to improve inventory control and accuracy. We customise solutions to ensure your facility have the right combination of systems and flexibility.

Our scope includes material handling systems integration and support for upgrades to partial or fully automated facilities. The design-in process involves modelling of the process flow, storage density, space utilisation and incorporation of equipment such as:

  • Mini Load System
  • High Density Shuttle System
  • Automated Order Picking System
  • Vertical lift module and Carousel
  • Automated Guided Vehicle – Forklift
  • Conveyors
  • High Speed lifters
  • High Speed sorters
  • Weight checkers
  • Labelling machines
  • Stackers and de-stackers
  • Cameras and sensors
  • Control systems – WCS, Internal networking, PLC and
    Programming, HMI, RFID, Barcode, Pick-to-Light and
    automatic weighing