Built-to-Suit (BTS) means we build the industrial property to suit our customers’ commercial and operational needs.  We work in close consultation with our customers from the building design to storage or production needs. From racking systems to a fully automated distribution centre incorporating Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). The Singapore Government understands major international companies prefer to be asset light with strong focus on operating income. Therefore, the BTS concept is suitable where developers lease the property to the single tenant on a long term basis. This also promotes the long term presence and contribution of international organisations. The BTS approach enables tenants to be competitive in their business as Tech-Link offers a more competitive real estate return. We have further enhanced this model with over 3 million square feet of factories and warehouses at our high-tech industrial park in China.


Our customers constantly face competitive pressure in an open economy such as Singapore’s. Tech-Link’s role as the owner and developer of the property remove the need from our customers for high capital investment. In addition, we offer our BTS customers a very competitive rental rate, further boosting our customers’ business income. Tech-Link, unlike other developers, possess the domain expertise in Storage and Logistics Automation to engage our customers on a broader and holistic perspective towards meeting their needs. In being the single occupier and user of the facility, our customers can leverage and maximise their brand value and marketing mileage.