Tailor made to suit various applications

Tech-Link is an authorised dealer of Rolflex Compact folding doors in Asia Pacific.

We analyse and offer tested and proven industrial grade entry and exit solutions for delivery or commercial vehicles inside and outside facilities.

The compact folding door complements our loading dock systems and saves space. It is also easy to install, operate and maintain. The compact industrial door stacks the panels above the access as it opens, without the need of counterbalance springs or a complex steel suspension framework. Fitted on a steel frame, it only needs a flat surface for fitting at the side. Outside mounting is also an option if space is limited inside.

In contrast to traditional roller doors and overhead doors, the compact door folds up when opening above the entrance access. It is also an ideal alternative to overhead doors, sectional doors and ‘ordinary’ roller shutters.


A wicket door is for pedestrians and integrates with the Compact door. This solution eliminates the need to open the service door entirely when a person enters the building. Warmth will remain in the building and humans are not affected by wind and rain. It is also a safety solution in case of a power failure.

The wicket door can consist of both insulated sandwich panels and full vision panels or a combination of both. The door framework is made of anodised aluminium. The position, hinge side and opening direction can be customised. An electronic security is integrated into the door frame to ensure that the Compact door operates only when the wicket door is closed. Wicket doors are supplied with a euro cylinder lock and three keys. An optional panic lock ensures that the door can always be opened from the inside.


Compact doors with full vision panels offer the optimal advantage of natural light. Glazed panels can also be combined with sandwich panels. The full vision panels have many glass surface allowing more natural light inside and maximum visibility on both inside and outside. Full vision panels are aluminium hollow profiles with vertical centre posts and a filling of your choice. The fillings are clamped to the inside with a white frame that consists of polythene and rubber.

A Full Vision panel is suitable for different types of fillings. In addition to the clear acrylic and polycarbonate fillings, the panels can also be equipped with safety glass, mesh or closed sandwich panels. It is even possible to fit these panels with no filling at all.


The full light panels offer optimal insulation and natural light, the advantages of both the sandwich panels and full vision panels. There is no clear view inside and out due to the use of a specific filling, offering an architectural and luxurious look.

Full light panels are made of hollow aluminium profiles without vertical centre posts. The filling consists of double-walled polycarbonate multiwall sheets. The full light panels are translucent and impact resistant. Moreover, these panels can be combined with insulated sandwich panels or Full Vision panels.

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