Tech-Link Healthcare Systems designs and provides logistic solutions for the healthcare sector. We focus on advanced and emerging technologies to identify organisational, management and operational challenges. We support healthcare organisations to optimise resources and services with our integrated automation systems. As a complete solution partner, we consult, plan and design systems to simplify delivery and distribution processes within healthcare facilities.


In labour intensive healthcare sector, service delivery is the key to patient satisfaction. The challenge often comes from managing logistics to streamline costs and processes.

Tech-Link Healthcare Systems’ solutions aim to address logistic challenges within hospital supply chain. We design and implement automated material handling and transport systems to optimise the delivery of patient care material. The systems manage flow of documents, samples, medicine, food, linen and surgical supplies.

Part of hospital logistics includes storage of pharmaceuticals in large quantity or various SKUs. In this area, we integrate automated compact storage systems for hospital storeroom and pharmacy. Besides patient care, communication in integrated operating theatre is also vital to healthcare delivery. Our capabilities include integration of video streaming for complex surgeries and healthcare training.

AGV System

Our Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system is a fully automated transport solution to transport patient care material in hospitals. The system uses unmanned vehicles to help healthcare providers fulfil deliveries between various floors in a safe and cost-effective manner. It also reduces operational costs and increase operational efficiency without disrupting the flow of healthcare services within hospital wards.

Pneumatic Tube System

Be it hospital or pharmacy, our pneumatic tube solution is an alternative on-demand material transport to conventional human dependant delivery. The system supports fast internal logistics for small items to various locations within the healthcare facility. Material are secured in a plastic carrier and transported between workstations by pressure from turbine via control units and tube network. This solution is designed to streamline manpower activities and enable healthcare organisations effective management of item transfers.

Tech-Link integrates Perfect Pick™ goods to person order picking technology to optimise storage of healthcare supplies. The automated order picking system operates without lifts, conveyors or multiple transfer points. It comprises of iBOT™ robotic delivery vehicles, which retrieve and putaway goods in every storage location. Users enjoy quick access to items stored in compact vertical space and more accurate order fulfilment. We also offer pick to light solutions for efficient picking and inventory management of medical products in hospitals.

In healthcare facilities, communication and collaboration are essential to successful patient care. Ensuring safety of patient data and reliability of clinical assessment are also vital. Tech-Link’s video solutions support healthcare organisations in enhancing workflow more efficiently. Our video solutions feature secure, low latency video encoding technology for live video streaming. The solutions support tele-robotic surgery in integrated operating rooms to medical education. The easy to deploy solutions also capture videos and provide healthcare professionals with real-time access for observation, recording and remote consultation.

Tech-Link Healthcare Systems’ role expands beyond implementing healthcare solutions. We support healthcare organisations in identifying efficient processes to improve patient care delivery. In our layout planning, we analyse and work with stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain to tailor solutions to your needs. We also consult and develop concepts for healthcare logistics and distribution centres. Our services include designing solutions for pharmacy automation and logistics systems to manage material movement between wards and storage locations.