The Dexion High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fan is a high-performance fan delivering high air volumes over a large coverage area with extremely low energy consumption.

The Dexion HVLS fan is highly efficient and energy savings with a power consumption of only 1 kW.  The fan blades are able to drive a large mass of air to produce natural wind for the double function of ventilation and temperature cooling.


  • Compared with traditional HVAC air-conditioners and small high-speed air blowers, the fan has superior advantages in application, and is the ideal solution to ventilate and cool the air spaces.
  • Air volume is increased by more than 30% compared to traditional HVAC products
  • Developed specifically for large spaces such as plants, warehouses, DCs and exhibition halls
  • Area coverage up to 1,200 sqm per fan
  • Highly efficient & energy saving
  • Wider adjustable speed range
  • In-built safety measures for enhanced safety performance
  • Reduces humidity and dust for a better working environment


Fans Size 7.3m (24 FT)
Motor Power 1 Kw
Full loads amps 2.9 Amps/380V
3.86 Amps/220V
Maximum Speed 55 rpm
Air disp. @ Max speed 14,800m3/min
Fan Weight 100 kg
Note: Custom fan sizes available on request.

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