Tech-Link is the authorised dealer and manufacturer of NORDOCK® products in Asia Pacific.

Dock levellers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality from NORDOCK® for efficient and optimum loading dock performance. Available in air, mechanical and hydraulic powered designs with capacities for different applications.

A wide range of Foam Pad Dock Seals and Shelters as well as Inflatable Shelters are available to provide superior sealing and long term durability. Foam pad seals feature NORDOCK’s exclusive WearTough™ fabric while the shelters feature overlapping wear pleats and double lock stitching. In addition, we offer a variety of engineered products including accessories and vehicle restraints for dock safety.


The Evolution of Air Bag Technology

NORDOCK® advances loading dock efficiency with Next Generation Air™ technology that is revolutionary. The Patent Pending lift system includes a Single-Chamber™ balanced air bag that is over 99% protected. Its unique Pull-Action™ activation is efficient, compact and allows for easy inspection of the deck. AIRDOCK™ levellers are easy to install, simple to operate and come with unmatched strength, standard features and comprehensive warranties that set a higher standard of excellence.


No compromise construction for optimum performance

The NORDOCK HEAVY-DUTY™ Series Hydraulic Dock Levellers are the ultimate in strength, convenience and reliability. The platform is a unitised welded structure with continuous welds at the beam, header plate and lugs for maximum strength. The deck plate, lip plate, beam sections and lugs are constructed of minimum 50-55,000 PSI yield material. Standard centre deck beam and welded side guards provide additional deck plate support, while continuous rear hinge provides side-to-side tilt with no pinch point. The power unit is a frame mounted integral assembly fully tested and oil filled.  The motor is a totally enclosed non-ventilated type available in all voltages. Regenerative hydraulic cylinders are a heavy-duty design with polished chrome rods, guide bearings and high-pressure seals.


Proven performance on the loading dock

The NORDOCK INDUSTRIAL™ Series Mechanical Dock Levellers are the ultimate in strength, ease of use and reliability. It is equipped with an exclusive lip lug and header plate design, easy release hold-down with unlimited float and full yielding walkout lip extension for a smooth and efficient operation. Standard features include working range side guards, retractable deck stop legs, night locks and a comprehensive warranty.

For more information on our loading dock systems, contact us or visit www.nordockinc.com